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Binding Freedom Ski Binding inserts

Words by The Skiers Lounge

on 18/11/2020 12:17:00


What are threaded ski binding inserts and why are they so good?

We are an official retailer and fitter of the Binding Freedom threaded ski binding inserts.

Threaded ski binding inserts allow you to remove and refit your ski bindings in minutes with standard threaded screws, replacing the single use wood screws normally used to fit ski bindings.

We have been testing and fitting these inserts for 3 seasons, and having fitted ski binding inserts for almost 12 years are experienced in all fittings of ski bindings to skis.

Why Use Binding Freedom Ski Binding Inserts?

- The allow you to remove and replace bindings quickly and safely.
- You can have your ski drilled to accept different bindings, so you could have one ski able to use standard alpine bindings or ski touring bindings.
- You can pack more sets of skis within your weight allowance, and mount your bindings to the set you wish to use depending on conditions in resort
- Binding Freedom inserts are up to 40% stronger than standard binding screws

How do these compare to other ski binding inserts?

Having fitted Quiver Killer inserts for some 5 years, in very large numbers, I am a huge fan of threaded inserts, and ALL my skis are fitted with inserts.

Interestingly both Binding Freedom inserts and Quiver Killers were created by the same person. The Binding Freedom inserts have 3 distinct differences which lead us to choosing them for our own skis – and our customer’s skis:

- The internal and external threads are rolled rather than cut. This means the metal remains more natural and flowing in a single direction around the bolt making for a stronger thread. The external finish close up also features fissures, which enhance the bonding of the inserts into the skis with epoxy glue.

- The top of the insert features a slot for easier insertion. A frustration for anyone putting inserts into a ski traditionally has been removing the insertion tool without removing the insert. This slot allows us to us an insert tool with no threads, so we simply us the key tool and turn, and remove the tool with no risk of upsetting the insert.

- There is a library of screw lengths on the Binding Freedom site, allowing you to research which screws you may need, and with an opportunity to help update that list. We also use our own sourced A4 steel screws depending on the binding for better fit results.

Both inserts are virtually interchangeable – the screws and screw lengths are the same in both cases. So if someone has Quiver Killer inserts and wants us to mount those – no problem, we have fitted thousands of inserts to skis, boards, guitars(!), wakeboards and utilise the same pillar drill process for alignment – although we now have a laser guided drill.

Video of threaded insert installation:



How much does it cost to have inserts installed?

Here are our costs for insert installation which does NOT include the costs of inserts. The inserts are £2.00 each with discounts for the more you buy, and can be found on this page.


£35.00 per set of skis – Drilled or Undrilled + Inserts (£2.00 per insert) and + screw set (£10 per set)

£10.00 for a single insert to mount a GoPro or replace a blown screw*

Price does not include inserts, screws and Vibratite VC3 threadlock

How do I book to have inserts fitted?

No need to book, bring your skis in during opening hours and we will advise on what needs doing, and the confirmed costs.