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We want our customers to be 100% happy with their ski boot fitting and subsequent purchase of ski boots. This is why we have fixed appointments so that we are not rushed, and why we take notes on EVERY boot fit we undertake, requesting key information from the customer regards to their ski level, general fitness, and potential usage of the ski boots. We also undertake detailed measuring of the foot, including 3D analysis of the instep and arch. This allows us to better match the foot to a ski boot.

Although our customers always leave our fitting showroom happy – as we won’t let them otherwise – once on the mountain, or with small changes between the fitting and skiing (such as medication, health, weight) the fit can be found in rare cases to require attention. For this reason we offer our Comfort Guarantee.

Anyone buying ski boots with custom footbeds from us receives this guarantee EXCEPT those where we have given our recommendations, and the customer decides to override the suggestions of the fitter. In those few cases we ask the customer to sign a disclaimer before leaving the showroom with their boots. Remember, our only goal is to give you a set of ski boots that will enhance your enjoyment of the mountains. We stake our reputation on it, and unfortunately once on the mountain, if our advice has been ignored that is often forgotten when bemoaning the fit of the boots you decided to choose regardless!

The Comfort Guarantee applies for 12 months from the date of purchase. Don’t panic, we are not clock watchers, so if you have not quite skied within the 12-month period we will still assist you with any tweaks. The odd month not years though please. The guarantee only applies to boots where we have made custom moulded footbeds. This is because only custom footbeds correctly secure your foot and allow us to make precise adjustments without the foot falling out of position.


In the event that you encounter issues with your ski boots, please contact us as soon as possible.
When have you identified an issue?

If it is prior to your trip (and you have been trying the boots on as per our instructions) we will make an appointment to review the issues with you. If our diary online looks full please contact us by phone and we will discuss the issues with you and if it is agreed that you need to come in we will find a way to fit you into our diary.

If you are on your ski holiday you can email us (or call us) and we will get a ski boot technician to contact you to discuss the issues and offer any advice that may help. We will respond to emails as quickly as we can, or you can call 0044 1403 915 655. If we suggest and authorise renting boots as a short term measure, please keep your receipt, as if it is agreed that our fitting has caused an issue we will reimburse ski boot rental (Up to a maximum of 5 days). We will not cover boot rental costs if we have not authorised it in advance!

If it is after your trip, get in touch with us and we will arrange an appointment for you to visit us and review the issues you have had

What will we do?

We will ask you to come in for an appointment (Or you can book this online selecting the “tweak” option) and review your notes and listen to what has happened. Working with you we will then:

1) Refit the existing ski boots making tweaks and adjustments. Please note if you did not select the custom footbed option, this will often be part of the solution. The footbed stabilises the foot in the boot, and then any adjustments made will be effective.

2) We will start the ski boot fitting again, checking through the information that you originally gave us, and that we have added, to ensure it is correct, and if required we will substitute the ski boots for another model. You will only pay the difference (if any) on the exchanged ski boot.

3) If the fitter and customer cannot reach agreement on what is deemed a correct fit, then we will refund the price paid for the ski boots only, less an equivalent rental charge of £55.00, we cannot refund custom footbeds as they are specific to the customer, but if they are deemed to need adjustment will do this at no charge.

We believe that our FREE fitting service, combined with our appointment-based time slots, and Comfort Guarantee, give you the piece of mind required when purchasing a set of ski boots from The Skiers Lounge.

Please Note: This guarantee is in additional to any manufacturer warranty that is in place with your ski boots, and your statutory rights. This guarantee is provided in good faith and is valid from 12 months from date of purchase on ski boots that have been fully fitted by us during a ski boot fitting appointment.


The owner of The Skiers Lounge, Scott is happiest in the Alps and other mountain ranges around the world, whether on a pair of skis or 2 wheels. As the senior buyer with 30+ years ski and bicycle experience, there is a lot of alpine information stored in him - and bits of are actually sometimes of use..... Current Skis: Extrem Project 83 '24, Volkl Deacon V-Werks, Scott Superguide with Fritschi Tecton Bindings

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