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Rear entry ski boots

Rear entry ski boots

The Skiers Lounge | 11/09/2020 22:00:55

What are rear entry ski boots, who are they for and why do we stock them?

Rear Entry Ski Boots – A History

Rear entry ski boots were developed in the 1970s as an easier to enter ski boot, and thanks to their comfortable fit (at the time!) they dominated the ski boot market being the only commercial option. The Salomon SX series, and the popular SX91 launched from the mid 1980’s and continued into the 1990’s evolving with flex adjustment and liner innovations for better fit. Nordica followed suit with the popular white or purple N757 boot.

As ski technology developed and carving skis started to evolve in the 90’s , racers in particular demanded closer fit and improved performance which led to the front entry ski boot design we have today, most commonly with 4 buckles. The SX moulds for manufacturing were actually destroyed by Salomon at the end of the century, to reduce tax liabilities, never to be seen again.

The classic Nordica 757 ski boot with power flex adjustment

Why do people still love their old boots?

Rear entry ski boots had a significant benefit over the ski boots we all know today – there were very easy to get into and out of. For recreational skiers, those with joint mobility issues or mature skiers who simply don’t want the faffing around in the ski boot room each morning and afternoon, this style of ski boot still has appeal – which is why some, way past their sell-by date, are seen in those ski boot rooms to this day.

Skiing in a boot with a packed out liner, and a shell that has been over-exposed to UV light is not a safe thing to be doing, but now rear entry ski boots are finally making a return, offering all the benefits of easier entry and comfort, with design improvements to make them more suited to modern skis – and skiers.

rear-entry-ski-boots-new-and-oldThe new vs the old – lots still in common with the new HF 90 Ski Boots

Modern rear entry ski boots explained

Nordica, a leading boot manufacturer who themselves made rear entry ski boots in the past, looked at the profile of skiers currently sitting on the ski chairs and in the mountain cafes, and saw that there are two forces at play with ski boot selection, as we ourselves advise customers in our fitting area – the balance of PERFORMANCE vs COMFORT.

A large group of skiers would benefit from having enhanced comfort from their ski boots when on the mountain. It makes skiing more enjoyable if the aim is to cruise and not to win, and valuable time is saved for those that struggle with modern 4 buckle ski boots.

Nordica took all that was great about the rear entry ski boot – ease of entry and ease of use plus comfort, and took modern materials – in particular the ski boot liner – to bring improved performance to an easy fitting ski boot option, with much improved heel hold, the weak point of the classic boots of the 80’s.




The Nordica HF Rear Entry Ski Boot range

The HF or Hands rear entry ski boot range features a single easy-to-adjust closure system on the rear of the boot, and a single buckle and strap over the top of the fit that you can set once and only need to adjust to fine tune your fit as you desire. You simply step into the ski boots and flick the rear lever down. You don’t even need your hands to do it – you can use a ski pole in the hole on the lever to flick the closure shut, and to open it when your day is done on the mountain.


The liners take all the best elements of the modern ski boot liner, and are made into a rear entry compatible version. Mouldable liners feature cork sections for enhanced fit and customisation, and thermal insulation with breathability keep your feet warm and dry all day long. Heel retention is addressed with the latest modern design and materials, so that the foot is held secure throughout the boot.

For the ultimate in convenience there is even a heated model which can be charged quickly and controlled via a button on each liner, or a free smartphone app.



Who is the Nordica HF Ski Boot for?

We have invested in the Nordica HF boot range as we frequently have customers in for ski boot fittings who we feel will benefit from this boot.

For those who are recreational skiers and yet serious about their valuable time on the mountain, it offers ease of use and a generous calf and forefoot, for a very relaxed and comfortable fit, making it a fantastic cruise-the-blues boot. This boot makes a fantastic alternative to renting boots each holiday that can actually hamper your enjoyment on the mountain.

For those with mobility issues who still want to be able to ski, the HF offers a much easier time in the ski boot room at the start and the end of each day. Those who have had surgery such as joint fusions and other issues that prevent the use of a standard forward entry ski boot will also find the 40 degrees of opening much, much easier to navigate than the standard modern ski boot.

So if you feel you are potentially one of the above skiers, then we now have yet another option in our carefully curated ski boot range to be combined with our custom boot fitting expertise.

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