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Ski Boot Fitting Explained

The Key To Getting The Best From Your Time On The Mountain

The Skiers Lounge | 09/10/2019 09:00:21

Having well fitted ski boots is essential to get the best from your valuable time on the mountain. Not only do badly fitted rental or owned ski boots cause comfort issues, but they are also potentially dangerous if the fit impacts the control you have when heading down the slopes. We offer a full professional fitting service, so whether you are a beginner or a racer we can accommodate you.

We can undertake full ski boot fittings, current boot assessments and tweaks, and custom moulded orthotic insoles – all on site in our dedicated fitting centre and workshop. We offer an online boot fitting booking service. You can check availability and make a booking 24/7 and will be sent an appointment reminder too. We run a by appointment service to give our full attention to each customer, as a fitting session can last 1-2 hours. We will always try to accommodate walk-ins but please do not be offended if we are booked up and busy focussing on our by-appointment customers. We can also accommodate out of hours requests subject to availability.

We are so confident of the services we offer, that we offer a comfort guarantee on all ski boot fittings where we have advised and fitted the ski boots personally. And we have now extended the guarantee in view of Covid restrictions to 18 months from 12 months.

Custom Footbeds (Insoles) – Key to a truly customised fitting

        We will almost always recommend a custom insole (footbed) as part of your fitting. It isn’t because we want to make more money from you or are on commission - An insole moulded specifically for your feet will ensure that you are in the optimum biomechanical position for YOUR feet, and have stability and balance to give you improved control, reduced fatigue and enhanced comfort. It also makes the boot fitters job to customise the boot possible, as the foot will be in the correct position to then apply tweaks around the ski boot shell and liner. We offer a range of custom footbeds depending on your needs, and can further customise these with heel stabilisers and lifts to give the optimum fit. Our custom footbed complete with a standard heel stabiliser is £95, and this includes the custom fitting and moulding process and is completed on site with specialist equipment.

View our facilities and what we do during a boot fit…


Our Boot Fitting Process

We offer an appointment system for boot fittings. Why? So that your fitter is fully focussed on your needs and getting the best results working with you for the duration of the fitting.

  • - When you arrive you will be allocated one of our boot fitting chairs for the duration of your fitting. Not only are our Chesterfield armchairs comfortable but they also offer nearby charging points for your phone with free wi-fi available
  • - We start with a freshly made brew and ask you to complete a questionnaire so we can start to build a picture around your needs and what you are looking to achieve from your boot fitting appointment
  • - We then look at your feet and general biomechanics. We want to see what mobility and flexibility you have as its important to match this to your boot selection. We also check which socks you are currently wearing as this are a key interface between your feet and your ski boots
  • - We assess any issues with your feet, balance and flexibility. We will normally recommend a custom made insole or footbed, as this can address many issues, maintain foot shape and length, and stabilise your foot in any ski boot. Any modifications to a chosen ski boot can be made with the confidence that the foot is in the optimum position and well supported
  • - We then select a shortlist of boots for you to try. We are looking for the correct boot length, and we initially assess this with the liner of the boot removed
  • - With feedback from yourself, we determine the ski boot that will give the best results, and if any minor adjustments will be required
  • - An imprint is then taken of your feet, focussing on the heel and rear to mid foot area, to ensure correct alignment and arch support
  • - The footbed is created from this mould and installed into the ski boots
  • - We then undertake a final assessment with the chosen boot and footbed and make any required adjustments
  • - When you are satisfied we go through boot care and the correct buckling sequence once more to ensure you get many years of service from your new ski boots

Our Boot Fitters

Our team is highly experienced in ski and snowboard boot fitting and custom footbed construction. Each fitter has their own unique methods but we all share common goals and results – to get the right boot for your feet to meet your goals whilst on the mountain.


Alex began her journey with biomechanics and foot alignment 18 years ago when she started working in Snow + Rock in Chertsey, Surrey. She started off selling ski boots but soon her interest evolved to become much more multi discipline, with running and cycling becoming part of her field of interest, alongside skiing. Alex believes biomechanics are applicable whether you are cycling a long sportive or out for a gentle ride with the family. Whatever you are doing you deserve to be comfortable and getting the most from your feet!


Dudley is another ex Snow + Rock staffer and was also a former manager at Edge 2 Edge in Crawley. Adept on both skis and snowboards and having attended ski and snowboard tests, Dudley has accrued experience and knowledge to utilise when boot fitting. A keen mountain biker on the Surrey Downs, Dudley also appreciates the importance of flexibility and stability in sport – and especially when hitting the mountains.


Scott is a former cyclist and his chequered background includes bicycle design through to data analysis. He is also the former owner of Edge & Wax Wintersports and Bliss Snowboards. His passion for the perfect boot fit stems from poor experiences when he first took up skiing, having been used to intricate details being used to set up the perfect riding position when cycling, and reviewing data and feedback to improve performance. Now very much a lover of carving the blues rather than jumping off things, and passionate about ski touring, Scott is a problem solver often using his initiative but also constantly learning new techniques and ideas.

Our Brands

We select key boots from a range of suppliers to give us a range that allows us to meet a variety of skiers needs. Our core brands are Nordica, Tecnica, Lange, Rossignol and Scott. We sell Sidas custom footbeds and accessories, and high quality Falke ski socks in a range of options for the perfect fit.


Boot Fits - We do not charge for our ski boot fitting service when you are purchasing new boots. Just the price of your new ski boots, and a custom insole if one is fitted for you (which we recommend).

Custom Insoles - You pay just for the price of the insole. These range in price from £80 to £120, a standard custom ski and snowboard insole is £95.

Boot Tweaks - Boots bought from us include free tweaks up to 18 months after purchase. For boots bought elsewhere we charge £40 per hour, with a minimum charge of £10. We will only proceed when we have agreed that the work will be beneficial for you.

Make A Ski Boot Fitting Booking

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